DD Hangout

“Forget Work-Life Balance: It’s Time for Work-Life Blend… I run a very hectic schedule; my social life is almost at zero! When I force myself to ease off, it most often turns out that conversations outside the themes of development are boring to me. This is same case with most development actors/social entrepreneurs I have ever seen!”
–  Femi Aderibigbe, The convener

The Development Hangout is a social platform for interaction, experience sharing and networking amongst Development Practitioners in Nigeria. It engages its audience in highly intellectual discussion on core third sector issues in a recreational setting.

This initiative seeks to bring promote the activities of the non-profit sector through her professionals and also promote professionalism in advocacy and causes for social good. Each edition features a Keynote Speaker carefully selected from a pool of respected professionals in the sector and other activities.

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Change Reporting 360

Change Reporting 360 is a citizen journalism and effective advocacy training specially designed for the media and civil society practitioners actively involved in development communications.

Connecting social development project evaluation & analytic skills; which create measurable impact and issue-based reports, and traditional journalism skills and ethics; which create compelling and credible stories, to the powerful web 3.0 (social media) platforms to distribute these contents, the course  gives equips media and civil society practitioners to tell development stories in a way that clearly communicates impact, ensures understanding and garners useful feedback.

Classes are facilitated by professionals in journalism, communication, project management and M & E experts from Development Diaries Ltd/GTE and associates.

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Social Media Africa (SMA)

The Social Media Africa Initiative is an institutional framework poised to advance digital and social media practice in Africa whilst mapping development of social media and through social media for the African continent.

Social Media Awards Africa (SMAA)
SMAA is created to recognise and celebrate creativity, excellence and impact in the use of social media tools and platforms by individuals and organisations. With 4 major categories and 15 awards, the SMAA is a genuine, timely intervention for promoting distinctive creativity, peerless innovation and pervasive developments on the African continent through the best use of social media platforms and the rest of the social web.

The reality of an emerging social continent is what the SMAA stands to celebrate in order to deepen and broaden the sustainable continental developments. The SMAA is organised by Development Diaries Ltd/GTE and sponsored by Sterling Bank Plc with institutional support from leading social media professionals, international agencies and media conglomerates across Africa.

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Social Media Africa Summit (SMAS)
This is an annual gathering of top communication experts, social media users, regulatory bodies/policy makers and other stakeholder groups. It represents a unique opportunity for participants to discuss corporate/impact sustainability strategy at the highest level, and produce strategic recommendations and action imperatives for the future of the social media sphere in Africa.

Each year, the Social Media Africa Summit produces a wealth of industry information, analysis coupled with a plan to build on the strengths and shape the future of the social media. More broadly, the Social Media Africa Summit aims to promote best practice, deepen access to and enhance the use of Social Media for impact. The highly interactive Summit secures intellectual submissions from participating leaders from business, government and civil society.

A first of its kind White Paper on Africa’s Social Media Sphere is produced and disseminated to a database of relative academic institutions, social media experts & users, corporate  bodies and policymakers.

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Social Media Africa Institute (SMAI)
The ideals of the institute  is to engage critical sectors, stakeholders and issues that affect digital and social media connectivity and productivity with deeper impact on broad-based continental development. It presents the best of social media trends, skills and ideas from leading experts and mavericks across the world.

Courses commence in Q3, 2015. Be the first to register, Subscribe to subscribe to updates on our spanking new courses.

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Social Media Africa Hub (#SMAHub)
#SMAHub is the centre for exploring and connecting innovative thoughts, ideas and individuals on everything digital and social media in Africa. From revolutionary reviews, to digital demystification and unfiltered robust analysis, the Social Media Africa Hub, provides valuable news, premium information and relevant resources for the web generation.

The#SMAHub is wired for global efficiency of Africans in the digital and social media space for continental good.

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CyberSafety & Ethics
Youth-targeted intervention to increase awareness on cyber crimes and inculcate the positive uses of social media. Solving the challenge of anonymity as a hindrance to Cyber Safety.

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