About DD

Development Diaries proudly operates a self-styled advocacy journalism, a genre of journalism that transparently promotes factual analysis, issue-based campaigns for social, civic and humanitarian purposes across the African continent.

Founded by ImpactHouse International and governed by third-sector leaders, media experts and publishers since 2013, we assist, advise on, support, amplify, give credence to and ensure professionalism in communications, media services as well as media practice, for development initiatives.

To foster change in Africa by mapping development.

To establish a digital platform mapping Africa’s third-sector impact, aiding collaboration and disseminating news directly to a minimum of 100,000 non-state actors (and 1,000,000 by extension) by 2023, while supporting over 500 initiatives/practitioners across sub-regions to attain proficiency in development communications and media use also by 2023.