About DD

Development Diaries is a Media4Development civil society organisation, founded and governed by African third sector leaders, media experts and publishers. Its mission is to map Africa’s development, disseminating impact, information and opportunities of works of social sector practitioners.

We exist to assist, advise, support, amplify, give credence to and ensure professionalism in communications and media services and practice for development initiatives across the continent.

Our passion is hinged on the dearth in and near absence of objective analysis for social development trends; showcase of projects that work, why and under what conditions in Africa, thus giving global access to Africa’s development data and media content.

In addition, we also help development stakeholders evolve the right set of media-related skills to engage the media professionally and to ensure impact.

We simply foster change by mapping developments…. Yesterday, today and the next.

Development Diaries LTD/GTE is established by ImpactHouse International and A’Lime Media Limited with the following objectives:

  • To serve as African Third Sector’s provider of news and information; giving global access to Africa’s development data, news feeds, and stakeholders’ information.
  • To help civil society organisations, governments, international agencies and other development stakeholders develop the right set of skills to engage the media professionally and to make an impact.
  • To spotlight on organisations involved in leading innovative development programmes and publish development reports and stakeholders’ activities.
  • To analyse areas of interventions alongside impacts and development indicators and provide in-depth information on areas yet to be harnessed by non-profit sector and showcase areas that are saturated with interventions.
  • To promote the integration of public interest concerns at all levels of government viz: executive, legislature and judiciary.
  • To facilitate the relationship between local and international donor agencies by providing comprehensive donor/funding information.