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    What I Want to Change – Hilda Baci Reveals Next Goals

    Nigerian chef, Hilda Bassey, popularly known as Hilda Baci, has said that she wants to change the narratives with respect to the earnings of chefs in Nigeria.

    Development Diaries reports that Hilda came to the limelight after cooking for more than 100 hours in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time.

    Although Guinness World Records has yet to validate the feat of the 27-year-old chef, she has expressed optimism about her confirmation.

    ‘We complied with all the guidelines and never left any stone unturned. We didn’t fall short in any area and this is quite evident and clear. The cook-a-thon is a deliberate attempt and not child’s play. Our preparations were robust, hence I don’t expect to be disappointed’, Hilda said while addressing the media in Lagos.

    With regard to her future plans, Hilda said she looks forward to propagating Nigerian recipes globally, expanding her restaurant and enlarging the narratives of Nigerian culinary space.

    ‘By expanding my business, I want to create jobs and contribute meaningfully to the economy. I’m anticipating a situation where the earnings of chefs in Nigeria will be as competitive as employees in the oil company’, she added.

    ‘I feel the culinary space is underrated, I want to change the narratives. I intend to work with a lot of brands to add value to their customers and brands towards their sustainability’.

    Hilda is not new to cooking competitions and making Nigeria proud as she won the first edition of the Jollof Face-off contest in 2021.

    Meanwhile, the Executive Director of the Nigeria Network of NGOs (NNNGOs), Oluseyi Oyebisi, has encouraged young people to emulate Hilda by putting in the hard work in whatever they are doing.

    Commenting on a video of Hilda exercising before her cooking feat, Oluseyi, in a Facebook post, said, ‘And that’s Hilda putting in the hard work in preparation for the cook-haton.

    ‘She understands the need for stamina in order to deliver. What work (hard work) are you putting into your business, job or hustle’?

    On a lighter note, however, the development expert advised Hilda’s team members to add the cooking experience to their CVs for future reference.

    ‘Hilda and her team broke the record. We must not forget everyone who supported her in the kitchen’, he said.

    The lessons to learn from Hilda’s feat are numerous. It has shown to all that hard work instills a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, as the fruits of one’s labour are earned through dedication and effort, resulting in a deep sense of pride and self-worth.

    Ultimately, working hard not only propels individuals towards success but also shapes their character and instills a strong work ethic that permeates all aspects of their lives.

    Chinomso Momoh
    Chinomso Momohhttp://www.impacthouse.org.ng
    Chinomso Thelma Momoh is a Journalist with nine (9) years of experience in journalism, media and communication.

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