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Thursday, June 8, 2023

    Aisha Buhari Triggers ‘Thunderous Slap’ at Aso Rock

    For the community to wonder why harmattan returned in February is just another indication that strange events are happening.

    Was it not recently we were discussing how the chairman’s wife had Muhammad arrested for something he had posted online a few months ago? Well, we sure didn’t see anything that wasn’t there.

    Zainab, another of the chairman’s wife’s maidens, has come forward to say that she, too, was the victim of harassment and abuse at the hands of the madam. What did she do?

    We heard that she ‘deleted a post’, rather than actually posting something the chairwoman found objectionable, as madam claimed.

    She was arrested and tortured, roughly nine months after she was summarily fired from her position as a maiden, which is a surprising turn of events. Everyone was taken aback by her dismissal. Someone even said, ‘ah ah’! This maiden had been the apple of her madam’s eye o’.

    She had single-handedly ensured the chairman’s reelection and would do anything her madam asked. For example, she explained in an interview with an online news platform, FIJ, why she felt like she did not deserve ’12 dirty mouth slaps’ after deleting a post on Instagram.

    She explained that it was her former coworker who had contacted her and asked to meet with her, and that the whole thing had been a setup to lure her to the palace. As soon as she entered the palace and madam caught sight of her, she was greeted with a deafening slap – ‘kpam’!

    ‘Ah! What did I do na’?

    Madam started hitting her palace guard with the force she expects him to hit Zainab with twice as often before she could even recover from that one.

    ‘Within the time it took to say ‘Jack Robinson’, Rabbi had already unhooked her belt and begun whipping me’. Madam was not happy with the beating and grabbed the belt from Rabbi, beginning to yank it on Zainab’s skin. She fooled madam into hitting her stomach because she thought Zainab was expecting a child fa; even when Zainab told her former madam, ‘Hey, do you know that I have high blood pressure’? Her madam replied, ‘I don’t care’!

    Zainab passed out after being denied her blood pressure medication because no human being could endure such cruelty. It took a second fainting episode before she was taken to a hospital, though.

    Well, as of now, Zainab has gone to court to report the matter and she is demanding N100,000,000 in damages. But no one is responding to the rumoured accusation with anything more than silence.

    This is the last straw; there have been too many allegations made against the chairman’s wife. Is it true that the law was created solely to punish the poor? I asked that question because we have laws in this country that condemn the torturing of people, including the Anti-Torture Act that madam’s husband signed into law in December 2017.

    Our government must ensure the upholding of the treaties to which it is a party and make sure that no one is immune to the law. This allegation needs to be looked into right away, and the perpetrators brought to justice.

    Photo source: Iran Politics Club

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