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    New Year 2023: How to Achieve Set Goals

    The beginning of a year usually comes with a new feeling of hope and renewed momentum towards life in general.

    It is that time of the year again when people are set to change certain behaviours, begin a certain lifestyle, strategise on various pursuits and so on. In other words, people always want to set new goals for a new year.

    The problem is not about setting the goals because that is easy to do; it is revisiting the goals you have written down and making sure you are working towards the attainment of those goals.

    Here are a few tips to have in mind for achieving your set goals for 2023.

    1. Know why you are setting a goal

    Knowing the reason for setting a particular goal is key. For example, if it is a habit you want to leave, take note of the reason you want to stop that habit. This should be based on what you know is the right thing to do, not based on what society expects or what someone else tells you to do.

    2. Set realistic goals

    Setting goals that are realistic will make you achieve them without procrastination. It will also make you outline how you intend to accomplish them because you have realistic options.

    3. Work on one goal per time

    This helps you stay focused while making sure you achieve a goal at a time, instead of trying to achieve all at the same time and not achieving any at all.

    4. Set timelines

    When you set specific timelines to achieve your goals, it helps you achieve them faster. Giving yourself targets is enough booster to ensure you achieve all or most of your goals for the year.

    5. Revisit your goals

    Revisiting your goals is vital in achieving them because you are reminded of all you intended to achieve in the first place. It also gives you an opportunity to realign where necessary and restrategise on better ways to achieve your goals.

    In 2023, setting goals will help you realign your focus and help you measure what you need to improve on and manage it properly.

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    Chinomso Momoh
    Chinomso Momohhttp://www.impacthouse.org.ng
    Chinomso Thelma Momoh is a Journalist with nine (9) years of experience in journalism, media and communication.

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