Deadline: 03 July, 2022

The African Union Civic Tech Fund has launched a call to use civic tech solutions to strengthen democratic governance in Zambia.

It aims to support the civil society in Zambia to raise awareness about the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG) and, among other things, advocate for its ratification and popularisation as an important instrument that can help to promote, monitor and assess democratic consolidation and entrenchment of a democratic political culture.

  • Successful applicant can receive up to €15,000


  • Open to nonprofits (CSOs, NGOs, associations, etc.) active in the civic space and the civic technology ecosystem and in democratic governance
  • The organisation must be registered in Zambia
  • The organisation must be a legal entity
  • The organisation must be non-governmental, independent of local or regional government
  • The organisation shall have policies and/or practices in place to ensure the ethical management of personally identifiable information
  • The organisation must not have been judged for fraud, corruption, participation in a criminal organisation or any other illegal activity

To apply and for more information, click here.

Photo source: Trafigura Images


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