yiaga africa festival

What: Run To Win Youth Festival

When: 29 April, 2022 (09:30am–13:30pm

Where: Online

Nigeria’s 22 years of democratic governance has thrived on the pillars of regular elections and peaceful transmission of power between governments and across parties.

Nevertheless, other principles such as inclusion and political representation across diverse groups, which ought to constitute democratic governance, are largely absent and insufficient in governance and leadership.

The Youth Festival, according to Yiaga Africa, is a platform for young people and newly eligible voters to have interesting conversations about democratic participation through voting.

The festival will promote youth enthusiasm in civic engagement and activism, thereby spurring their interest to register to vote, collect their voter cards, vote during elections and continue to engage the government, hold it to account, and play critical roles in the strengthening of Nigeria’s democracy.

To attend and for more information, click here.

Photo source: Yiaga Africa


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