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Deadline: 10 March, 2022

ALX Africa has announced a call for applications for the ALX Software Engineering Programme.

Companies across the globe will continue to face technology talent gaps over the next decade. Software engineers are some of the most in-demand, higher paid professionals helping to navigate the advanced digital transformation taking place across the business landscape.

The 12-month ALX Software Engineering Programme is designed to prepare participants with the technical and work-ready skills for a global career as a full-stack developer.


  • Join The ROOM’s talent community
  • Gain highly sought after technical skills
  • Discover, explore, and create professional opportunities
  • Build life-changing relationships


  • Commit to 12 months (70 hours each week)
  • Access to a desktop or laptop
  • No prior programming experience required in-course assessment
  • Commitment and determination
  • Be proficient in English

To apply and for more information, click here.

Photo source: ALX Africa


  1. This is an opportunities that youths need to partake…I’m highly optimisitic bout the future of digital technology and no doubt it will Revolutionize all Sector…THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR IMAGINATION


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