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The CERATH Development Organisation has launched a $5.2 million Cassava Transformation Project (CASTRAP) in Liberia.

The organisation is carrying out the four-year project in partnership with the Centre for Enterprise Learning, Conservation Alliance, and the Rural Integrated Centre for Community Empowerment.

According to the development partners, the project aims to enhance competitiveness and regional integration of Liberia’s cassava sector and is expected to strengthen the efficiency of actors engaged in the cassava value chain.

Cassava, which is second to rice as the most important food crop in Liberia, plays a significant role in the country’s farming system.

Speaking at the project launch in Monrovia, the CERATH Director for West Africa, Paa Kofi Osei-Owusu, said it was a privilege for the consortium led by CERATH to contribute to the nation’s cassava sector.

He said that the cassava value chain was a strategic avenue to boost regional trade, create employment, reduce poverty, and enhance food and nutrition security.

‘It is thus essential that as stakeholders we innovate and collaborate to leverage the inherent potentials of this value chain’, Osei-Owusu said.

‘As the project’s name suggests, the consortium is seeking to contribute to the “transformation” of the south eastern landscape using cassava as one pathway.

‘When this “transformation” occurs, we would have built a better foundation for future generations’.

Also speaking at the launch, the Deputy Commerce Minister for Industry, Thomas Goba, said that the project would enhance the production, processing and commercialisation of the country’s cassava value chain.

Source: FrontPage Africa

Photo source: IITA


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