The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has provided electoral assistance as the country prepares for its legislative and presidential elections.

It is understood that AMISOM has provided financial, operational and technical support in response to a request from the Prime Minister, the Federal Electoral Implementation Team (FEIT), and the Federal Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development.

‘The assistance will contribute to successful organisation of elections which constitute a solid foundation for ongoing efforts towards democratisation, peace and political stability in the country’, AMISOM said in a statement.

AMISOM is also training members of Somalia’s security services at the Banadir Joint Operations Centre (JOC).

Drawn from the Somalia Police Force (SPF), the National Intelligence Agency (NISA) and the Somalia National Army (SNA), the 45 officers will receive training in forensic investigations and intelligence-led policing.

AMISOM’s Assistant Inspector General of Police, Augustine Magnus Kailie, said AMISOM, SPF and other international partners were working together through the JOC to safeguard the security, integrity and credibility of the electoral process.

‘The Joint Operations Centres (JOC) were established in line with international best practices of intelligence-led policing, especially securing the integrity of the election process and the need for coordination in planning and intelligence analysis’, said Kailie.

The JOC has also established a Women’s Situation Desk (WSD) at the various centres across the country in order to protect women and other citizens from all forms of election-related violence.

The Director General of the ministry of Interior and Federal Affairs, Yussuf Ali Mohamed, said it was with the support of AMISOM that Somalia managed to establish 12 JOCs across the country.

‘For our elections to be free and credible, security is of the utmost importance. We can only hold elections when we have provided security. This is why such trainings are important.  Ultimately, it is for the benefit of the Somalis’, Yussuf said.

Source: African Union

Photo source: African Union


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