The World Health Organisation (WHO) Logistics Hub in Dubai has delivered 85 metric tonnes of medical supplies to Ethiopia.

The supplies, which include trauma and surgical medicines, consumable equipment and cholera kits, are expected to address the urgent needs of more than 150 000 people.

Ethiopia is experiencing a cholera epidemic that began in early 2019 with increased rainfall and flooding.

WHO estimates that over half the population lives more than ten kilometres away from the nearest health facility, usually in regions with poor transportation infrastructure.

Multiple risk factors including an ongoing armed conflict in the Tigray region is hampering humanitarian access and response to the crisis.

‘This is an important demonstration of solidarity with people in need. This delivery will help bolster our efforts to provide relief to hundreds of thousands of families who are grappling with a difficult humanitarian situation’, WHO Representative in Ethiopia, Dr Boureima Hama Sambo, said in a statement.

Since the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the WHO Logistics Hub in Dubai has delivered US$90 million worth of health supplies through 705 shipments to over 120 countries.

‘We thank the United Arab Emirates and the international humanitarian city for their immense and ongoing support to WHO’s humanitarian operations’, WHO Emergency Operations Manager in Dubai, Robert Blanchard, said.

‘Our strong collaboration continues to enhance WHO’s response to health emergencies of all types including those arising from natural disasters, conflict, and outbreaks of infectious disease’.

Source: WHO

Photo source: UNHCR/Will Swanson


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