Deadline: 12 July, 2021

Location: Djoué, Congo

World Health Organisation (WHO) is seeking applications from eligible applicants for the post of Emergency Operations Support and Logistics Manager.

The primary role of WHO is to direct and coordinate international health within the United Nations system.


  • Lead the development and implementation of EPR’s operations and logistics procedures based on existing emergency SOPs
  • Maintain a close eye on performance to optimise efficiency, anticipating probable issues, supporting resolution and drafting required correspondences to stakeholders
  • Ensure relevant staff are aware of and adhere to appropriate standards of logistics procedures and policies, including that all emergency logistics staff receive adequate briefing and training
  • Advise internal and external stakeholders on logistics and operations components of specific projects, taking into consideration cross-cutting issues, such as gender, diversity, conflict sensitivity, sustainability, and environment
  • Lead architectural design of field camps, treatment centres and laboratory level three plans in a context of crisis
  • Plan and monitor all matters related to the procurement of commodities
  • Manage and update procurement processes
  • Select, negotiate with and serve as the constant liaison with vendors
  • Collaborate with emergency project personnel to prepare their field procurement plans
  • Ensure maintenance of emergency supplies, material, vehicles, trailers or other specialised equipment
  • Maintain emergency stock warehouses in the region in line with the response requirements, and monitor storage/distribution, ensuring re-allocation as needed
  • Maintain effective allocation system and safe use of vehicles
  • Ensure provision of efficient and timely support services in all field operations in relation to supply chain management
  • Promote a client-focused, quality and results-oriented approach and provide orientation to procurement personnel
  • Provide requested research/data on market supply by conducting routine market research to determine sources of supplies, using the United Nations Global Marketplace Platform and other external sources as well as set up/enhance and maintain the local supplier database, ensuring regular update of data
  • Ensure completeness of documentation for preparation/processing of purchase orders, contracts, LTAs or their amendments
  • Publish peer-reviewed scientific papers and op-eds focused on SCM, stockpiling, field logistics and health logistics
  • Conduct advocacy at ministerial level for stockpiling policy and need for developing logistics in health


  • Master’s degree or equivalent graduate degree in logistics or in a related field from a recognised institution
  • Possession of an associate’s degree in Emergency Management, Homeland Security, Fire and Life Safety, or a related field (desirable)
  • 15 years of operational experience in emergency management, transportation, supply chain, warehousing, or a similar field at national and international levels
  • Experience in handling civilian or military logistics (desirable)
  • Considerable experience in emergency management in a private, local, state or emergency management agency similar to public safety related organisation (desirable)
  • Experience in coordinating logistics during major operations such as peacekeeping, military maneuvers, large food distribution, etc (desirable)
  • Experience in managing supply chain for large distribution (physical or online), online distribution companies and army, etc (desirable)
  • Relevant work experiences in UN agencies or multinational companies (desirable)
  • Specialise training in emergency/humanitarian response and training in leadership or management (desirable)
  • Expert knowledge of English
  • Intermediate knowledge of French and Portuguese

To apply and for more information, click here.

Photo source: ILRI


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