Songambele, in partnership with Kyaro Assistive Tech, has donated seven wheelchairs to students living with disabilities at Moshi Technical Secondary School, Tanzania.

According to the community-based organisation, some students with disabilities in the country struggle to attain quality education due to limited friendly infrastructure.

It is understood that the situation makes students with disabilities fail to realise their dreams even if they study hard to achieve what they want to achieve.

While handing over the wheelchairs to students with disabilities, the Executive Director of the organisation, Faustina Urassa, said there were many challenges that students with disabilities face.

‘We are fighting to ensure that all children with disabilities are enrolled in schools. After awareness creation, we realised that many parents are ready to send them to school’, she said.

‘However, once they are there, they face the challenge of unfriendly infrastructure’.

She also said, ‘We have offered these seven wheelchairs after finding out that some of the students with disabilities had no wheelchairs or the ones they had were old’.

She appealed to the government to come to the aid of people with disabilities.

A student with disability, Neila Karengi, thanked the organisations for offering them the wheelchairs that will enable them to do their activities well.

Songambele is a grassroots organisation formed and run by women living with disabilities.

Source: Daily News

Photo source: Songambele


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