Heifer International has partnered with the Rwanda Ministry of Agriculture to invest over $10 million in training 23,400 smallholder farmers.

The aim of this partnership, according to the international humanitarian organisation, is to improve income and food and nutrition security in the most affected regions of Rwanda.

Development Diaries understands that the average household income in Rwanda is around $3.11 per day in the 15 districts of the North, South and West provinces of the country.

The Partnership for Resilient and Inclusive Small Livestock Markets (PRISM) will reach food insecure households in the 15 districts, according to a statement from Heifer International.

Through this partnership, Heifer International aims to help farmers achieve a living income, the amount needed to live with dignity, of $6.08 per household per day.

According to the statement, PRISM will focus on three priority groups: women heads of household, children suffering from malnutrition and young adolescents in order to sustainably improve the livelihoods of the most vulnerable populations.

In addition to training 23,400 farmers on sustainable community development and livestock production, PRISM will strengthen private sector service delivery.

It will promote the training of 1,170 farmer groups and establish a network of 117 community facilitators, as well as veterinary and extension services provided by 31 private veterinary entrepreneurs.

‘Through our training model, farmers will develop the financial, agricultural and leadership skills they need to care for their animals and sharpen their business acumen’, the statement quoted the Senior Vice President of Africa Programmes at Heifer International, Adesuwa Ifedi, as saying.

‘This will help them improve agricultural production and productivity, as well as develop stronger links with formal markets, create sustainable agro-industries and increase their profits’.

For her part, the Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources of Rwanda, Gérardine Mukeshimana, said, ‘We look forward to working closely with Heifer Rwanda to implement this programme which will have a positive impact on farmers and their families’.

Source: Heifer International

Photo source: Livestockcrsp


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