What: Strengthening Institutional Capacities for Inclusive Development in Africa post-Covid-19

When: 15–16 March, 2021 (14:00–17:00 GMT and 08:30–11:30 GMT)

Where: Online

The African Development Institute (ADI) of the African Development Bank (AfDB) contributes to efforts at building sustainable capacity for development effectiveness in the institution’s regional member countries.

The ADI and its Global Community of Practice (G-CoP) partners will hold a policy dialogue on addressing gaps in the structure and scale of funding constraints to African institutions.

These gaps, according to the AfDB institute, present a challenge to African institutional capacity as regional member countries pursue herd immunity to the Covid-19 pandemic through vaccine procurement and deployment.

The aim of the webinar is to share experiences and synthesise knowledge about how to address longstanding institutional capacity challenges post-Covid-19.

Development partners and global and African philanthropies are invited to share their experiences and offer policy recommendations to strengthen capacity in Africa-led institutions.

The recommendations will be disseminated to relevant policymakers in the bank group’s member countries, and regional stakeholders, to inform their policy responses in Africa.

To attend and for more information, click here.

Photo source: Rwanda Government


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