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    Zimbabwe: Uebert Angel Foundation Makes Donation

    Uebert Angel Foundation has provided Angel of Hope Foundation with seven tonnes of maize meal for onward distribution to needy citizens in Zimbabwe.

    The donation was made in the wake of reports that many charity homes are struggling to provide food due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    In Zimbabwe, many people are grappling with economic hardships that have been worsened by the pandemic.

    In September 2020, USAID and WFP commenced cash disbursements for the Urban Social Assistance programme to provide relief for vulnerable families in eight urban areas struggling to meet their daily food needs.

    In its response to the food challenge, Angel of Hope Foundation provided foodstuffs to ten charity homes in the Midlands Province.

    ‘We are grateful for being granted the opportunity to come here and give a hand to Angel of Hope Foundation’, representative of Uebert Angel Foundation, Felix Chikase, said.

    Receiving the donation, Angel of Hope Foundation Chairperson, Molly Dingane, said her foundation had since its founding been dedicated to the quest of improving the lives of vulnerable groups.

    ‘Mealie-meal is a basic food commodity which is necessary for our nourishment as it is the staple food of the country’, she said.

    ‘I would like to thank Uebert Angel Foundation for giving to the cause that Angel of Hope Foundation has devoted itself to fulfilling.

    ‘Your support is greatly appreciated. We value your thoughtful gesture and may you be blessed for showing love to your brothers and sisters of Zimbabwe’.

    Source: Herald

    Photo source: John Manzongo

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