Women of Virtue International Christian Charity Organisation (WOVICCO) has presented medical equipment to Zomba Central Hospital in Malawi to aid the fight against Covid-19.

The charity organisation, according to local media reports, secured the equipment from South End University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust.

WOVICCO Executive Director, Brave Nyirenda, said the organisation provided the  equipment to help ease the burden on hospitals in the southern African country.

With many confirmed cases of Covid-19, Malawi’s health care system is struggling to manage the second wave of the pandemic.

Nyirenda said non-governmental organisations (NGOs) needed to provide health care support as government cannot meet the demands of the hospitals alone.

‘Our charity thought of donating the equipment to Zomba and one other district hospital to ease the pressure that has come due to the Covid-19 pandemic’, Nyirenda said.

‘We prioritised Zomba General Hospital because it is in the districts where we operate in and we are planning to scale our services to many districts in the near future in supporting Malawi hospitals with equipment that will help critically-ill patients in ICUs whether they are Covid-19 positive or not’.

Representative of the hospital, Dr Delia Mabedi, thanked the organisation for the donation, saying it will go a long way in assisting patients.

‘We are glad that they first contacted us to assess our needs and we worked together in order to balance up the equation’, Mabedi said.

‘It is not just Covid-19 we are treating here but we do get accident victims who need ICU services as well as other patients needing attention from different ailments’.

Source: Nyasa Times

Photo source: WOVICCO


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