Angola: OMUNGA, AI Demand Cafunfo Shooting Probe

Amnesty International (AI) and OMUNGA have called on the authorities in Angola to probe the killing of more than ten protesters in Cafunfo, Lunda Norte Province.

Security forces, according to local media reports, killed unarmed protesters on 30 January during a protest organised by the Lunda Tchokwe Protectorate Movement in the province.

Human Rights Watch reported that Angolan security forces indiscriminately fired at protesters who had peacefully gathered to demand better public services, including water and electricity supply, in the diamond-rich town of Cafunfo.

A video shared on social media shows uniformed Angolan police officers and soldiers walking among the dead and injured on a road.

A police officer kicks an unarmed man, then steps on his head. The officer then puts him into a vehicle marked Cuango District Police, alongside other detainees.

But the police reported that six people were killed, more than 20 were injured, and 16 were detained after officers foiled what they called an armed rebellion organised by the aforementioned movement.

‘Amnesty International can today confirm that since 30 January, Angolan security forces have killed at least ten people, as authorities continue to hunt down peaceful protesters whose only “crime” has been to speak out against deplorable living conditions’, AI’s Deputy Director for Southern Africa, Muleya Mwananyanda, said in a statement.

For his part, the OMUNGA boss, João Malavindele, said the exact number of those killed remained unknown as most protesters were still missing.

‘Angolan authorities must launch a prompt, thorough, independent, effective, and transparent investigation into the killings and bring suspected perpetrators to justice in fair trials that meet international standards. Victims and their families must be granted access to justice and effective remedies’, the OMUNGA executive director said.

Sources: Amnesty International Human Rights Watch

Photo source: Informação TV Zimbo


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