Earth Environment and Climate Care Ambassadors (EECCA) says it will begin a campaign to plant one trillion trees in Nigeria in February 2021.

Bauchi State Ambassador of the non-governmental organisation (NGO), John Allo, made this known at a meeting of stakeholders in Bauchi.

From 2002 to 2019, Nigeria lost 126kha of humid primary forest, making up 14 percent of its total tree cover loss in the same time period. Total area of humid primary forest in Nigeria decreased by 6.6 percent in this time period, according to the Global Forest Watch.

Allo said that the One Trillion Trees Planting Project, with the theme, ‘Plant for the Planet’, will proffer solution to global climate change as forest establishment is the best nature solution to climate change and global warming.

‘Trees and forests play an essential role in mitigating the negative impact of climate change’, he said.

‘Planting trees is one of the most important things we can or must do to contribute to the health of the earth.

‘Forests are the lungs of our planet, breathing in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen, trees improve our lives both on a land scale and at local levels.

‘Strategic planting can save the energy used in heating for the winter and air conditioning in the summer both necessary everywhere in the world.

‘Trees help to filter the air we consume, regulate water and prevent flooding.

‘Trees also reduce noise and air pollution, providing a hospitable place for animals to live and other plants to grow.

‘In today’s world we only know how to destroy trees but we do not know how to make a leaf’.

The NGO, according to Allo, has established structures in all the states of the federation, with minimum number of 5,000 volunteers in every state except Bauchi.

Source: Daily Sun

Photo source: EECCA


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