Development expert Udo Ilo says he has been protected by grace and blessed with amazing friends as he marked his birthday on 12 December, 2020.

The Head of Nigeria Office of the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) took to his Twitter handle on the day, his special day, that is, to express his joy for adding another year to his life.

‘I have been protected by grace, nourished by love and blessed with amazing friends. Grateful for a new year’, the OSIWA chief tweeted.

Udo has over 12 years of expertise in engaging the government on issues related to elections, human rights, and good governance.

Development Diaries understands that he has been working with Nigerians to promote knowledge and enhance their capacity to demand reforms.

Udo has provided analysis on governance development within Africa, developed advocacy resources for the engagement of governments and the international community on issues related to elections, security, and economic governance.

Before teaming up with OSIWA, Udo worked as a country manager for the Forum of Federations – a network for promoting federal practices across the world with presence in six continents.

He enjoys writing poems, short stories, and drama.

Source: OSIWA

Photo source: Udo Jude Ilo


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