Amnesty International (AI) has raised fresh concerns over threats to the Egyptian human rights movement after a court ordered the freezing of the assets of three senior directors from the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR).

Development Diaries understands that the three EIPR staff, Mohamed Basheer, Karim Ennarah, and Gasser Abdel Razek were released from detention in the wake of significant national and international pressure pending investigations.

But the Egyptian court ruled to uphold the public prosecutor’s order to freeze the assets of the three EIPR directors, with AI saying that the move had shown that the human rights movement in Egypt remains at critical risk.

‘Though they are now free, these human rights workers should not have spent a single day behind bars, and their release will bring great relief to their families and to Egypt’s embattled human rights community’, Middle East and North Africa Research and Advocacy Director at AI, Philip Luther, said in a statement.

‘However, this is a bittersweet victory which highlights the ongoing unjust detention of many other human rights defenders in Egypt’.

‘Freezing the personal assets of three EIPR directors on the heels of the unprecedented assault on the organisation demonstrates the authorities’ intent to eradicate the Egyptian human rights movement.

‘Amid ongoing arbitrary arrests, criminal investigations, asset freezes and travel bans against tens of human rights defenders, members of the international community must ensure sustained coordinated and public pressure on the Egyptian authorities to show their genuine commitment to the survival of the human rights movement in Egypt’.

The rights organisation called on the international community to step in and halt the threat to the Egyptian human right movement.

The EIPR staff members were arrested in retaliation for a meeting with Western diplomats – including from the UK, Canada and Germany – on 3 November.

Source: Amnesty International

Photo source: Amnesty International


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