Microsoft South Africa has announced Combat against GBV as winner of the Safe@Home hackathon to address gender-based violence in the country.

The technology company also announced iWitness and Report Matters as runners-up.

The winner, Combat against GBV, developed a fit-for-purpose, technology-based solution designed to protect vulnerable women and children and give them a safer way to reach out for help.

Development Diaries understands that gender-based violence is one of South Africa’s most serious and pervasive challenges, with over 40 percent of South African women experiencing sexual and/or physical interpersonal violence in their lifetime.

‘The South African hackathon, which has run since August, has been incredibly successful and we have seen a wealth of creative and sustainable ideas from our developer teams who have grappled with the unique issues and challenges surrounding gender-based violence in South Africa’, said Managing Director of Microsoft South Africa, Lillian Barnard.

‘The winning solution takes these into account and is a solution that the judges agreed would effectively be able to help South Africa’s most vulnerable and at-risk [persons]’.

The winning solution will now be developed into a full application to be owned and used by the campaign’s NGO partners: 1000 Women and TEARS Foundation.

‘Technology provides numerous opportunities to help keep women and children “safe@home”, and I am looking forward to exploring these possibilities with the winning solution as well as working together with Microsoft and our other partners to continue tackling gender-based violence in South Africa’, 1000 Women founder, Tina Thiart, said.

Source: Microsoft

Photo source: Front Page Africa


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