Stakeholders in the public and private sectors across sub-Saharan Africa have launched the Coalition of Blood for Africa (CoBA) on a virtual platform.

Development Diaries understands that CoBA includes non-governmental organisations (NGOs), international organisations and funders committed to finding solutions to the challenges facing access to safe, sustainable blood in Africa.

The launch of CoBA was convened by Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies, in collaboration with Global Blood Fund, Africa Practice, Africa Health Business, and Siemens Healthineers.

Chief Executive Officer of Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies, Antoinette Gawin, said, ‘The coalition’s goal is to support the World Health Organisation’s commitments and aligns with our global mission to serve more patients. Providing safe access to blood in Africa is one way to achieve this.

‘The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that the number of units of blood needed to sustain an adequate level of health equals one percent of a nation’s population – ten units per 1,000 people.

‘Yet many African countries fall well short of the minimum goal. The lack of infrastructure and equipment for collection and processing of blood components is a key impediment to providing a sustainable blood supply’.

‘Though blood and safe transfusion services are essential parts of any strong health system, the safety, sustainability, and adequacy of blood remains a major health challenge in many African countries’.

Also speaking, Executive Director of Global Blood Fund, Gavin Evans, said that the scale of the challenge was clearly beyond the scope of a single organisation.

He said he was confident that the coalition will facilitate a coordinated approach to address the challenges facing blood in Africa and find sustainable solutions.

Source: ThisDay

Photo source: World Bank


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