Africa Skills Centre (ASC) Has announced the award of scholarships and other incentives to 5,000 students of African descent.

The organisation said it would be carrying out the scholarship award programme in Nigeria in collaboration with the Nigeria Excellence Awards organisation.

Chief Executive Officer of ASC and coordinator of Nigeria Excellence Awards, Pastor Honey Olawale, said the gesture was targeted at indigent students.

‘This is just the starting point, as we are determined to leverage on our global goodwill to develop human resources among our youths in the African continent’, ThisDay quoted him as saying.

‘We want students from poor backgrounds who are willing to pursue high-class education but are limited by their circumstances to fulfil their dreams.

‘Same applies to the whiz kids, who need certain vocational tools and exposure to accomplish their evolutionary quests; as we will be there for them’.

Olawale said ASC would also be offering selected students skills acquisition courses.

‘This will be the official commencement of needs for skill acquisition awareness across Africa’, he said.

‘During the Covid-19 lockdown, a lot of people with no extra skill were stranded. As Africans, we have to look inwards and seek to develop our natural talents’.

Source: ThisDay

Photo source: Rhealyz Naija


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