Global chief executive officer of Timeless Women of Wonder Foundation (TWOW) has called for the empowerment of women and youths in Malawi.

Nyakan June made the call during an interface meeting with youths from Chilinde and Kaliyeka at the Mlodza Secondary School.

She said it was time for various African countries to start tapping into the potentials that youths and women have to make progress in development.

June said, ‘We have had a number of skill development and capacity building that are creating jobs and businesses for the youth and women, we have empowered many families to increase their economic livelihood, we have a lot of leadership and mentorship programmes that have brought inclusivity among women in the matters of development.

‘We have a lot of funding towards the same project where we link investors outside Africa with projects, programmes, and small scale businesses within Africa that need money’.

Minister of Youth and Sports, Ulemu Msungama, who acknowledged the lack of jobs among youths in Malawi, thanked TWOW for the intervention.

Msungama said the government was trying its best to create more jobs for youths, calling on them to start thinking beyond employment.

Source: Nyasa Times

Photo source: Nyasa Times


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