The Mike Loutfie Foundation (MLF), Agri SA, Mpumalanga Agriculture, and the Christelik-Maatskaplike Raad (CMR) have partnered to distribute 1,000 food parcels of fresh produce to communities requiring immediate food relief in South Africa.

It was gathered that MLF will work with the RSA Group to facilitate the sourcing, packing, and distribution of the fresh produce to various organisations under the CMR umbrella.

The food parcels will include a generous helping of potatoes, onions, tomatoes, carrots, apples, oranges, beetroot, and sweet potato, with approximately 5,000 people expected to be helped.

Development Diaries understands that populations hit especially hard are already-impoverished female-headed households, persons with only primary education, persons without social assistance, black populations, and heads of households who have been pushed from permanent to informal employment.

And, according to UNDP study, South Africa’s GDP will take at least five years to recover from Covid-19 impact.

‘CMR Mpumalanga with CMR offices across Mpumalanga strive to relieve the need of communities and to give hope, especially during experiences such as the Covid-19 disaster that will be etched into history’, Director of CMR Mpumalanga, Dr Susan Louw, said.

‘As an NPO, it is a privilege to partner with the Mike Loutfie Foundation and Agri SA to secure nutritious food for the most vulnerable, and to share love, light, and hope for those in need. We thank you’!

Also speaking, spokesperson for Mpumalanga Agriculture, Robert Davel, said, ‘Mpumalanga Agriculture wants to thank Yara for their donation, the staff of the Mike Loutfie Foundation and Mpumalanga CMR for their huge contribution to make a success of this project’.

Source: Africa News

Photo source: UNDP Africa/ Morris Moma


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