Orphan Concern

Orphan Concern, a local orphanage, has called on the government of Liberia to support children in orphanage homes.

Executive Director of Orphan Concern, Amos Sawboh, called on the Liberian legislature debating the current budget not to only make allotment for orphanages, but to ensure homes also benefit.

Sawboh said that lack of support had created devastating situations for the children in orphanage homes, leaving them at the mercy of community dwellers for survival.

He noted that it was the government’s responsibility to cater for children and vulnerable populations.

‘We believe that while these over 100 children, who are recognised as the ward of the state, it is about time that the relevant authority gives the children the lives they deserve’, Sawboh said.

He said it was wrong to abandon children, especially when the world, including Liberia, is battling the Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with harsh realities of the economy.

Orphans Concern, founded in 2012, is a local charity that supports orphans across Liberia and West Africa.

Source: New Dawn Liberia

Photo source: Orphan Concern


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