The founder of Dr Cassell’s Foundation has vowed to improve the living conditions of the less-fortunate and needy Liberians by providing adequate social services and empowerment opportunities.

Development Diaries learnt that the founder and president of the foundation, Dr Daniel Cassell, made the vow when he visited the Marshall City, Margibi County.

Cassell said that through his foundation, he will provide helping hands and assistance to the vast majority of less-fortunate Liberians, as well as women groups, students, and organisations in the country.

He said, ‘All that I have earned, in terms of money and wealth, [is not for me to keep]. God gave it to me so it can pass through me.

‘I am here today to establish Dr Cassell’s Foundation in Liberia to be a help to the less-fortunate [citizens], the poor, and those of you who have been forgotten by the wayside. They passed by you like they don’t see you, but I see you. I will stop and talk to you’.

Cassell also vowed to help citizens to realise their true values in order to empower themselves and help move Liberia forward.

He promised to initiate projects in the soonest possible time to bring some level of relief to those who are in need.

He committed his foundation to the immediate construction of a parking lot for commercial motorcyclists following the location of a suitable spot, the completion of a local church building under construction, and the construction of public latrines and hand pumps.

It was noted that the Dr Cassell’s Foundation was constructing two bridges to serve as a transport route to work, and enable residents and marketers to sell their goods or services along the Kakata-Bong Mines road.

Source: Front Page Africa

Photo source: Dr Cassell’s Foundation


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