Deadline: 09 November, 2020

Schlumberger Foundation has opened applications for the Schlumberger Foundation Future Fellowships.

The programme’s long-term goal is to accelerate gender equality in STEM by generating conditions that result in more women pursuing scientific careers through alleviating some of the barriers they encounter when enrolling in STEM disciplines.

The Schlumberger Foundation is a nonprofit organisation that supports science and technology education.


  • Faculty for the Future grants are based on actual costs for eligible expenses up to a maximum of USD 50,000 per year for a PhD and maximum of USD 40,000 per year for a postdoc and may be renewed through to completion of studies


  • Applicants should have applied to, have been admitted to, or be currently enrolled in a university abroad when submitting their grant application
  • Applicants must hold an excellent academic record, demonstrate leadership skills, community outreach activities and have a track record in encouraging girls and women into STEM fields
  • Applicants should also prove their commitment to return to their home countries upon completion of their studies to contribute to the economic, social and technological advancement of their home regions by strengthening the STEM teaching and research faculties of their home institutions as well as through their leadership in science-based entrepreneurship

To apply and for more information, click here.

Photo source: USAID in Africa


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