A charitable organisation, Rural Child, has donated face masks to women vendors at Mandinaba market, children, and the community’s police station in The Gambia.

Development Diaries gathered that the Covid-19 contraction was increasing in The Gambia, with the majority of the confirmed cases being contracted through community transmission.

The Health Officer of Rural Child, Mamudou Sumbundou, said, ‘This is our part of the contribution to ensure that community transmission of the virus is addressed by providing and encouraging the wearing of facemasks’.

He noted that Mandinaba women vendors became their main concern due to their daily contact with travellers who usually buy fruits and other food items from them.

Sumbundou reminded the women, police, and children that Covid-19 was real and they must ensure that they adhere to recommended precautionary measures, including the regular wearing of facemasks, to control its spread.

The Coordinator of Rural Child, Amadou Jallow, reminded the beneficiaries of the need to keep playing their part in the fight against the virus.

Source: Foroyaa

Photo source: Prachatai


  1. Dear Jokpa,
    My name is Amadou Jallow. I’m the founder and coordinator of The Rural Child, a charitable organisation in the Gambia.

    Thank you for republishing our story from Foroyaa Newspaper. You can reach me on theruralchild@gmail.com.

    Please do keep on touch if you need interviews and the like. I’m a journalists and child protection advocate.


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