Building Resources Across Communities (BRAC), an international non-governmental organisation, has called on the government of Tanzania to maintain the handwashing regulation in schools to protect children from other diseases, apart from Covid-19.

Development Diaries gathered that this call was made by the Country Director of BRAC, Fordson Kafweku, when he handed over 12 handwashing machines to be distributed to 12 primary schools in Tanga City.

The primary schools included Kwakaheza, Pongwebweni, GofuJuu, Mafuriko, Mkombozi, Makorora, Komezi, Martin Shamba, Rubawa, Kisimatui, Mpirani, and Kwanjeka.

It was noted that BRAC was implementing an Early Childhood Education Development Programme (ECD), which is the broader Education, Empowerment, and Life-skills for Adolescent Girls and Young children (EELAY).

Kafweku said, ‘The Covid-19 fear seems to have been contained, thanks to good strategies by the government, but there is now a need for taking steps to maintain the handwashing habit as a part of the general cleanliness habit that [is] essential in protecting children’s health’.

The City Education Officer (Primary Education), Khalifa Shemahonge, who spoke on behalf of the City Director, Daudi Mayeji, said that the handwashing equipment was still relevant and essential because of the need to maintain the hygiene practice, especially among school children who would grow up with it.

He thanked BRAC for considering school children protection, saying that the organisation has been an important development partner in education, especially early childhood education.

Source: Daily News

Photo source: UNAMID


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