The Managing Director of Mercury International, Martin Edmond Michael, has set a fundraising record by raising Le198,500,000 within a week and Le300,000,000 in total over a two-week period for survivors and victims of sexual and gender-based violence in Sierra Leone.

Development Diaries learnt that Michael raised Le198,500,000, which includes his personal donation and those of his staff, family members and friends; while the Mercury staff contributed Le16,000,000 to add to the Le100,000,000 the company donated.

Michael said, ‘This is a continuation of the support we have been giving to similar organisations, but the essence of this fund and the clear needs behind it were all the inspiration I needed to get actively involved – making the right calls and convincing people of the importance of the fund and the immense good it will do.

‘A few of them mentioned to me that this is a national issue that can affect anyone. They felt that no one should wait until it happens to a family member or a close friend before taking action. From my conversations with them, it seems they feel helping survivors of sexual violence in Sierra Leone should be a collective responsibility and are willing to help in any way they can’.

Michael, it was gathered, has supported many causes in Sierra Leone, including Covid-19 fund and treatment centres, educational projects, and orphanages.

Source: SL Concord

Photo source: Peter J. Bury


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