The Nigeria Health Watch and Meedan have teamed up to counter misinformation on the spread of Covid-19 amidst growing concern over the issue globally.

Development Diaries understands the partnership will ensure information related to Covid-19 in Nigeria is closely monitored to identify false claims.

The partnership will enable the Nigeria Health Watch take advantage of Meedan’s expertise to produce multimedia messages that counter Covid-19 misinformation and publish the messages on the platforms of the Nigeria Health Watch and other media outlets.

Speaking on the objectives of the partnership, the Managing Director of the Nigeria Health Watch, Vivianne Ihekweazu, said, ‘Misinformation poses a threat to the public response to outbreaks, eroding the public’s trust, and their willingness and ability to take preventative measures’.

In his remarks concerning the partnership, the Digital Health Lab Lead at Meedan, Nat Gyenes, said, ‘As we are learning each day, information and misinformation about the Covid-19 pandemic are spreading in online ecosystems as rapidly as the virus itself is spreading around the world.

‘Strained access to health experts during emergencies, such as the one we are experiencing, can quickly lead to poor health outcomes, as low-quality information exacerbates the real-world spread of disease’.

The Nigerian Health Watch is an organisation that uses informed advocacy and communication to influence health policy for the good of society.

Source: Nigeria Health Watch

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