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    UN Women Turns Ten

    UN Women is celebrating ten years of promoting women’s empowerment, women’s rights, and gender equality globally. The international organisation, which was set up to advocate for gender equality and empowerment, has been making changes in the lives of women and girls across the globe.

    As a global champion for women and girls, UN Women was established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs worldwide. The organisation supports UN member states as they set standards for achieving gender equality. UN Women works with governments and civil society to design laws, policies, programmes, and services needed to ensure that the standards are effectively implemented and truly benefit women and girls worldwide.

    The organisation also makes the vision of sustainable development goal a reality for women and girls and stands behind women’s equal participation in all aspects of life, focusing on four strategic priorities which are: that women lead, participate in and benefit equally from governance systems; that women have income security, decent work, and economic autonomy; that all women and girls live a life free from all forms of violence; that women and girls contribute to and have greater influence in building sustainable peace and resilience and benefit equally from the prevention of natural disasters and conflicts and humanitarian action.

    Source: UN Women

    Photo source: Facebook

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