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    Angola: Cornélio Defends Realignment of NGOs’ Work

    The Huambo Province Vice-Governor for the Political, Social and Economic sector, José Cornélio, has defended the realignment of the activities of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Angola.

    Huambo is one of the geographically smaller provinces situated in Angola’s Central Region.

    Speaking at the first meeting of the local Office of Social Action, Family and Gender Equality and the national and foreign NGOs operating in the Huambo province, Cornélio noted that the current context of the country and the world required the realignment of programmes, as well as some aspects of management policy and internal organisation.

    He said, ‘We have to organise ourselves, align the working environment and coordinate the actions at the community level, as the final recipient of the actions, whether they are from the government, general state administration bodies or non-governmental organisations in the communities’.

    He added that the work that these organisations had been doing in Huambo was acceptable, and their areas of intervention were aligned with the National Development Plan, a fact that pleased the government.

    Source: Angop

    Photo source: Stephan

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