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    Apply: UNHCR Youth with Refugees Art Contest 2020

    Deadline: 10 June, 2020

    The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) calls for entries for the Youth with Refugees Art Contest 2020.

    UNHCR works to protect and assist refugees around the world.

    An old adage has it that a picture is worth a thousand words. This art contest provides participants a chance to use their creativity for a good cause. Covid-19 is affecting everyone on the planet. The 70.8 million people who have fled their homes to escape conflict or persecution need to be protected from the virus, like everyone else. Participants can use their talents to help UNHCR share the message that everyone counts in the fight against Covid-19, including refugees!

    Under the overall heading of ‘Everyone Counts’, participants can focus on one or more of these three themes:

    • Everyone should be protected from the virus. Everyone should have access to water, soap, health care and medicine. Unfortunately, many refugees who have fled war in their countries are in places with limited access to all of this, which makes them very vulnerable
    • Everyone should be kind to each other. The virus can affect anyone, so there is no reason to blame anyone for it. UNHCR is worried that refugees may become the target of discrimination
    • Everyone has a role to play in fighting the virus. Health workers. Humanitarian workers. You, by raising awareness and staying at home! Refugees are also leading in the fight against the virus. They help older people. They make soap. They are doctors and nurses joining the front line work


    • Winners will have their creations animated and shared on UNHCR platforms to 8 million followers
    • They will also receive special prizes from UNHCR


    • Anyone between 12 and 25 years old can participate
    • Participants do not need to be professional artists at all
    • Participants can be creative in their own way
    • Participants can either draw by hand or use a computer

    To apply and for more information, click here.

    Photo source: DFID

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