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Friday, March 24, 2023

    South Africa: SDI, Others Distribute Food Hampers

    Non-profit and civil organisations in South Africa such as Supply Development Initiative (SDI), Islamic Relief South Africa (IRSA), Soul Food Africa (SFA) and Nosh Food Rescue (NFR) among others have been packing and distributing food hampers for the poor. However, these organisations have named finances, low volunteer numbers, and crowd control as some of the major challenges they are facing with their work.

    The organisations noted that with only essential workers allowed out, waste pickers, nannies, and casual workers have been facing days without food.

    The Food Coordinator with NFR, Philippe Frydman, said that the major difficulty when handing out food is maintaining social distancing. ‘When you have 400 people who are starving, it’s always difficult to ask them to stay a metre apart’, he said.

    A core volunteer at IRSA, Ashraf Soomra, added that the lockdown had impacted finances and the number of volunteers who could work on each day as there are now fewer people volunteering to work.

    The organisations and the public have been working together to offer support for the homeless, impoverished, and elderly who are struggling to cope during this pandemic.

    Source: Eyewitness News

    Photo source: Chris Eason

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