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    Mozambique: MEPT Influences Education Policy


    The Movimento de Educação Para Todos (MEPT) is a coalition that conducts researches and carries out advocacy actions targeted at the government, public and private sectors to ensure access to inclusive and quality public education. With the funding from the Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF), the group intensified its advocacy aimed at ensuring equitable management of financial resources, increased participation of School Boards in decision-making, providing civil society inputs for the development, implementation, and monitoring of education sector strategy and also improved civil society impact on government in the provision of quality basic education for all. Through its advocacy work, MEPT has influenced Mozambique’s Poverty Reduction and Education Sector plans and policy making, and has contributed towards an improved education policy framework and its implementation in Mozambique.


    A structure for dialogue was set up between the Ministry of Education, development partners and civil society in Mozambique, where they agreed to guidelines on how to engage with each other. As a result of this, civil society was recognised as a valued partner in education sector dialogue. MEPT played an important role in influencing education issues in Mozambique’s Poverty Reduction Action Plan (PARP) through review meetings and technical working groups. Civil society organisations represented by MEPT became integral to the planning and decision-making within the education sector in Mozambique.

    MEPT also worked in different ways to influence the government through the making of the new Strategic Plan for Education (2012–2016). They participated in thematic working groups set up by the Ministry of Education and also participated in decision-making forums as a full member, allowing them to influence important decisions that were being made concerning the education strategy. MEPT collaborated with the Ministry of Education in strengthening capacity and knowledge of Local Councils and Community Authorities to ensure their quality participation in developing the education chapters of the PRAP.


    Due to MEPT advocacy works for many years, the reintroduction of pre-primary education gained priority in the new Education Sector Strategic Plan. They also contributed towards an improved education policy framework in Mozambique and they are following up with monitoring at national and local levels to ensure the strategies are implemented. With MEPT’s engagement with civil society organisations across the country, the PRAP focused on inclusive education, teacher training, school materials, improved conditions for girls, early childhood, and adult literacy.

    Contact of the Organisation

    Movimento de Educação Para Todos (Movement of Education for All)

    Telephone: +258 823936050

    E-mail: meptcentral@mept.org.mz

    Website: http://www.mept.org.mz

    Source: Campaign for Education

    Photo source: Leaderlab- Driving Transformational Change

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