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    Liberia: Forest Cry Calls for Citizen Compliance

    Forest Cry Liberia Inc, a Liberian civil society organisation, has urged all Liberians to comply with all health measures introduced by the Government of Liberia to stop the spread of Covid-19. The Executive Director of the organisation, Mr. Dickson J. Chowolo, called on Liberians to go one step further: he said that citizens should assist health authorities by educating each other in various parts of the country on Covid-19.

    Chowolo said that citizens should work together with health authorities to ensure that the messaging about Covid-19 is understood and that everyone follows guidelines strictly. He noted that adhering to health measures will reduce the spread of Covid-19 and thereby save lives. He encouraged Liberians to always keep their hands clean with soap and water or use sanitisers when those are unavailable.

    Chowolo also called on other civil society organisations to spread public health knowledge about Covid-19. He concluded by calling on government to ensure that measures instituted in the fight against Covid-19 are enforced and to distribute essential materials to Liberians.

    Source: New Dawn Liberia

    Photo source: Robert Couse-Baker

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