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Friday, March 24, 2023

    Nigeria: Victory for Advocacy in Women’s Inclusion

    The push for the inclusion of women across all fields of endeavour has intensified in recent times. The legislative sphere in Nigeria has always had women in the minority and that has led to civil society organisations pushing for the inclusion of women in legislatures, at the highest level and across the country. One of the civil society organisations active on that front is the Youth Initiative for Advocacy, Growth and Advancement (YIAGA Africa).

    The Women in Parliament Committee of the House of Representatives recently held its annual retreat with technical support from YIAGA Africa. One outcome of that retreat was the demand that all the women in the House of Representatives be made members of the Constitution Review Committee. There are only 13 women among the 360 legislators in the House of Representatives. Following some advocacy, the Speaker of the House of Representatives announced the inclusion of all 13 female legislators as members of the Constitution Review Committee.

    The push for gender equality continues, and the success of this latest effort is an example of the effectiveness of advocacy and dialogue.

    Source: Cynthia Mbamalu

    Photo source: Cynthia Mbamalu

    Jesse Kolo
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